Hampton 10-10

A new dramatic web series about a lesbian police officer, Kendall Hampton, who is haunted by a horrific incident in her past, which unravels relationships with her family, lover and colleagues. When confronted by her police superiors that she may be part of an investigation on her older brother, who is currently an Assistant District Attorney, she sets out to find the truth and uncovers more lies and deceit from those she trusts most: Her father a prominent judge and her mother, a world renowned cellist. Kendall realizes that her life has been shrouded in a web of deception and as she uncovers the truth behind her “perfect” family, she begins questioning everything that she knows.

Director: Rokia Shearin
Starring: Rokia Shearin, Joanie Anderson, Kieron Anthony, Yancy Perez, J Vanburen, Stevan Lynn, Sheleah Harris, Roland Lane, Emperor Vanburen
Category: Drama