TRaveling With T_Ruck

TRaveling with T_Ruck 🌎 Earth Day at Timothy's Center for Gardening

Season 1, Episode 1 | 2018 | 5:46 | |

Bee careful what you wish for - #T_Ruck aka Tim Rerucha brings the noise with flowers, fun, the Macarena and some inside tips for plants to attract bees to your garden, and plants to keep away pests.

Executive Producers: Donna Drake | Lou Vaccarelli
Producer: Robin C. Adams | Footprint Network
Production Associate: Elena Anatolyevna
#CBS #NBC | Special Thanks to Timothy's Center for Gardening

VISIT: https://www.instagram.com/timrerucha/
TIMOTHY'S CENTER FOR GARDENING: https://www.timothyscenter.com/

Director: Robin C. Adams

Starring: Tim #T_Ruck Rerucha

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