The Whistles and The Bells - Transistor Resistor

2015 | 4:28 |

“Transistor Resistor” is a straight forward tune from the Nashville progressive folk rock / bluegrass band The Whistles and The Bells. It is sung with the reverence of a pulpit preacher while actually describing the coming-to-Jesus of a loss soul over the radio on a lonesome drive. A powerful mantra in the verse is the phrase, “Tonight we have a choice/tonight we have a choice” that will not soon leave you. Banjo player Matt Menefee shines through with a dangly trapeze act solo that hauntingly creeps into the mix before taking over your ears.

Keywords: The whistles and the bells, transistor resistor, folk, folk rock, bluegrass, rock, indie, nashville, ourvinyl, banjo, live music, music, live session

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