The Whistles and The Bells - Shadow of Death / Love in A Minor Key

2015 | 7:45 |

“Shadow of Death / Love in A Minor Key” is from The Whistles and The Bells, a Nashville progressive folk rock / bluegrass band. The first part is mainly comprised of mandolin, flanging guitar, and backing harmonies and while the song lacks many instruments, the small amount make up for it with blazing offensive strikes at the strings which are preceded by a full band punch once “Love in A Minor Key” kicks in. The eeriness infused in this love song is beautiful and exotic with guitarist Adam Stockdale playing lead and gliding on the music like a big wave surfer. It is a full palate of taste to be experienced.

Keywords: The whistles and the bells, Shadow of Death / Love in A Minor Key, folk, folk rock, bluegrass, rock, indie, nashville, ourvinyl, banjo, live music, music, live session

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