The Donna Drake Show in Japan: Ep.104 - HYAKUNEN RYOTEI

17:48 | Travel & Places |

Hyakunen Ryotei Ukiyo - say it 10x fast then check out Donna Drake, Tim Rerucha, Tomo Yasuda and the CBS/Footprint Network crew as the travel to Joetsu, Niigata Japan for more historical adventures! “Ryotei” refers to exlusive Japanese restaurants, where customers are served course meals in private rooms in a traditional setting. Ryotei Ukiyo is 140 years old.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lou Vaccarelli | Donna Drake. PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Robin C. Adams. HAIR & MAKEUP: Elise Drake. PHOTOGRAPHY: Dannieka Cuttino

Lotte Arai Marketing Director: Tomo Yasuda. FOOTPRINT Network is a unit of Endavo Media and Communications and Areu Bros. Studios

Please visit Hyakunen Ryotei Ukiyo


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