Street Smart (Pilot)

2020 | 19:01 | | Drama | Explicit

A retired NYPD detective inadvertently gets his family involved in a world of violence and drugs he never imagined possible. 

Created & Written by Anthony Welch

(Pilot episode) Retired NYPD Detective Joey McGloin is buried in debt when he gets a voicemail message from an old Crime Boss nemesis that makes him an offer that would get him out of the financial grave he's dug himself. However, accepting the offer would get him out of one hole and into a much bigger, more dangerous one... 

Director: Michael Graziuso, Michael Dellegrazie

Starring: Anthony Welch, Joseph D'Onofrio, John Imperioli, Joanna Pickering, Frances Mignano, Danielle Colette, David D'Angelo, Sal Ardisi, Ron Guercio

Keywords: Drama, Street, Smart

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