Michael DelGuidice and Donna Drake on the set of Live It Up talk Music & Billy Joel

2015 | 18:32 | Lifestyle |

Mike DelGuidice as a teen started playing Billy Joel’s music, nowadays he plays alongside of him. DelGuidice shares with Donna his early memories from the sixth grade talent show along with an in depth touching look at his family and the conversation brings it all the way forward to his on stage success and touring with Billy Joel. He also has 3 EPS. His musical genius is beautifully displayed. A wonderful man and a superior talent. A joyful banter between Michael and Donna ensues. Take a look at this inspiring portrait of a singer and songwriter that entertains nationwide. True Fact: Donna secretly pretends she is on stage singing at every Billy Joel concert she has ever been too. Everyone does right??? We didn't start the fire.....
Check out upcoming dates to watch Michael play some of his original tunes. Miller Place High School performance of Day's of Old is included in this segment.

Director: Tom Schizzano

Starring: Donna Drake

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