LOREEN ARBUS TALKS Making a Difference with PAVLINA in NYC

2016 | 18:00 | Entertainment |

Hey:) I'm with LOREEN ARBUS in her amazing NYC home! We talk about style (impossible not to with this fabulous lady) and struggles and finding herself in media. Those who inspired her- moments with Cosmopolitan Magazine editor- Helen Gurley Brown, her family life- especially Loreen's sister. This impacted her life and how she makes such huge contributions to help those with disabilities and organizations! Loreen's footprint in the media world is amazing - especially for women. She is an inspiration to me - bigtime! Her strength is what's needed for women. The eclectic - ness makes her fun. Her life makes her a woman for millennials and Generation Z's to look at and admire, to be bold like Loreen! The Pavlina Show airs on radio stations across the world.

Director: PAV

Starring: Pavlina Osta

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