Live it Up! with Donna Drake Hair Dresser Roseanna Amador

2017 | 5:44 | Entertainment |

No stranger to Live It Up!, Roseanna Amador is back on set to tell us about how her new salon is going.

Starting as a hair dresser in the 70's, Amador instantly knew that she was on the pathway to more success. No matter what head of hair walks in her salon, she never sees it as a challenge. "I never give up!"

Nowadays, Amador usually works with brides. Her job is to bring out the most beauty as possible. "I feel like hair is an art. It's something I envision." She even does Donna Drake's hair! We love her so much.

Just opening a new salon, Amador calls it a "labor of love." By doing the furnishings herself, she chalk painted, set up furniture, and created a layout all on her own. (Maybe she should go into interior design too!)

To get in contact with Roseanna Amador, please visit her website: www.roseannaamador.com

Director: Tony Liuzzi

Starring: Donna Drake

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