Live it Up with Donna Drake and Tank Sinatra

2017 | 10:06 | Entertainment |

We're having too much fun today on Live It Up! Today we have author Tank Sinatra discussing his new book "Happy Is The New Rich."

"My mom was a big inspiration to me" say Tank Sinatra. "She used to say...'people who have everything they want will never be as happy as people who want everything they have'." Emphasizing how important it is to express gratitude for what you have, Tank Sinatra also notes that humor is a leading factor in his life.

By utilizing humor, "Happy Is The New Rich" helps push the reader over whatever obstacle they are currently facing. Currently also in the process of creating an app called Momus (named after the god of satire), Tank Sinatra's next

Buy the book "Happy Is The New Rich" here

Director: Tony Liuzzi

Starring: Donna Drake

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