FINDING MY YES TV: Jerome Elam - Human Sex Trafficking Survivor

2020 | 31:45 | Entertainment |

"For seven long years I was trapped in a hell no one deserves. I was nothing more than a shell of a human being enduring suffering and torture at the hands of psychopaths and sociopaths as the world looked on. I attended school, and from the outside appeared to be a “normal child” but I was being trafficked in plain sight. I will never know the joy of being a carefree child lying in a field watching clouds as I imagine figures in their gentle shapes. What I can do is fight until my dying breath so that every child can experience this and stop the tragedy of another vandalized childhood" 

- Jerome Elam
President and CEO Trafficking in America Task Force
Child Sex Trafficking Survivor

Host Marie V. Pizano interviews Jerome Elam in this very powerful, painfully personal story about his survival and success.

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Starring: Marie V. Pizano

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