Filmcard #1: imbued

1:19 |

IGNI productions & the G channel in association with Staibdance Company

a film by Felipe Barral

choreographed by George Staib

Filmcard #1: imbued

Claire Molla
Caitlin McCoyd
Anna Bracewell
Sheri Latham
& Sean Hilton

Narrated by
Gioconda Barral-Secchi

Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited & Written by Felipe Barral
Produced & Choreographed by George Staib
Produced by Sarah Hillmer

Music & Sound Design by Felipe Barral

© 2017 Felipe Barral, IGNI productions & the G channel

Keywords: storytelling, filming, producing, documentary, film, video, productions, content, biophilic storytelling, biophilia, branded content, marketing, explore, life, multimedia, Felipe Barral, IGNI Productions

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