Escape Your Age

Escape Your Age Seminar

Season 1, Episode 1 | 54:39 |

Today, 70 is the new 55. That's right…The key is to keep stretching effectively to increase your flexibility and range-of-motion, maintain or build muscle mass and perform lots of endurance-type exercises that won't put undue or unwanted stress to your joints or bones. As we get older, while it is true that our metabolism slows a bit and we do lose flexibility and muscle mass, it is not the main reason why our bodies start to fall apart. Our bodies fall apart as we age because we are not exercising (sorry, being active by merely taking a stroll counts very little towards your fitness/health life). You want hope? A seventy five year-old can be stronger and fitter than a 35 year-old individual – if the older person has been exercising properly throughout their adult life and the younger one has neglected or abandoned their fitness regimen. In addition, just as your body can change for the worst at any age, so can it improve at any age provided that you're engaging in a full-body exercise regimen with the proper intensity and consistency.

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