No Rest for the Weekend

Episode 1004: Fall Film Festival Preview 2021

Season 10, Episode 1004 | 2021 | 19:47 |

On this episode we recap World Webfest Mania, Greenpoint Film Festival, and give you a preview of upcoming fall film festivals including: Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Stareable Fest, Chelsea Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, Soho International Film Festival, NYC Webfest, and Female Voices Rock.

Featuring Lindsey Aster and interviews with Kylie Eaton, Erick Ulbrich, Cody Stokes, Seanie Sugrue, Victoria Meade, Cillian O'Sullivan, Matt Kane, Simone Policano, Mark Underhill

Additional Videography By Brenda Btrayed Oliver

Show theme by Christopher Gillard

Created & Hosted by Jason Godbey

Starring: Lindsey Aster, Jason Godbey,

Keywords: film festival, filmmaking, interview, podcast,

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