Alaska and The Queen Charlotte Islands: Makiko Esumi's journey into the distant forests and glaciers

1:21:53 · 2001

This documentary stars one of Japan's most famous superstar actresses, Esumi Makiko; together - cast, crew and Makiko journeyed into the land of the "GWAII HAANAS" - home of the remaining HAIDA native Americans. This is a magical place - 138 islands in the Queen Charlottes off the coast of British Columbia.

From there cast and crew of 10 traveled to Juneau, Alaska and experienced some of the most beautiful glacial scenery created by Mother Nature.
PRODUCER: Banku San | DP/Cameraman: Robin C. Adams | NETWORK: Fuji-TV Japan

Director: Toru Matsuura

Starring: Makiko Esumi

Category: Documentary

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