Adonis Hill: Life Transformation 360

2018 | 8:49 | Documentary |

A&E Networks Celebrity fitness activist and trainer, ADONIS HILL embarks on a new journey that takes his fitness concepts national and global. We learn about his journey from depression to fitness in this short documentary Executive Produced by Farai Msika, Produced by Robin C. Adams with Production Associate, Dannieka Cuttino.
Check out more of Adonis Fitness here: https://www.instagram.com/bodybyadonis/
Associate Producer - Dannieka Cuttino | Dannieka Cuttino Photography: https://www.shethecamera.com/

*Additional footage provided by:
A&E Networks ("Fit to Fat to Fit")
Chasing News - FOX-TV
Francesco Paciocco, Filmmaker ("The Lift")

Director: Robin C. Adams

Starring: Adonis Hill

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