Above Ground Gardening with VegTrug at Dodds & Eder HOME

2015 | 6:29 | Lifestyle |

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Donna Drake visits Norma to learn about the advantages of above ground gardening. Modern agriculture today produces more than enough food everyday for affordable prices. The majority of us take this service for granted, but have you ever thought about how this produce gets to your local supermarkets everyday? Over the past few decades in order for farmers and growers have started using pesticides in order to meet the high demand from supermarkets. Pesticides were created to kill living organisms, however they can affect us too. Which is why in recent years the demand for pesticide free (organic) produce. By growing your own produce in your VegTrug, you can be sure that you are eating organic produce and avoid the potentially harmful pesticides. Or even if you don't grow organic... the delicious treat of having produce right off the vine is divine. Dodds & Eder HOME.

Director: Donna Drake

Starring: Donna Drake

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