JAW by XNY (music video)

03:15 · 2016

MTV News writes: "Directed by Raber Umphenour, “Jaw” (taken from XNY’s forthcoming Orange album), features Autuori and Schrieiber rocking the EFF OUT on a freezing cold-looking NYC rooftop. And though “Jaw” would certainly qualify as a pop song, its moody undertones are visually matched with an equally overcast sky, a wild-haired Autuori wailing like a much thicker-skinned Ani DiFranco, and a headbanging Schrieiber on drums."

Director: Raber Umphenour

Starring: XNY - Pam Autori & Jacob Schreiber

Keywords: Music Video, NYC, USA, JAW, XNY, Rock Music, MTV Buzz, MTV

Category: Music

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