Short Films

The Last Hit

Season 1, Episode 1 | 2019 | 4:07 |

In this short film, a hit man (Daniel Berkey) who is given the assignment to kill a young woman (Molly Grace Byrnes).

Starring: Daniel Berkey and Molly Grace Byrnes
Written & Directed by Jason Godbey
Produced by Patrick Reis & Jason Godbey
Cinematography by Snyder Derival
Sound Music by Christopher Gillard

Shot on 16mm B&W negative film

Making of:
We discovered four rolls of black and white 16mm film sitting in our vault left over from our first project, "Ghost Story," which began shooting in 1999. With this, we decided to make a short. The challenge was to see if we could make a movie using only 11 minutes of 14 year old celluloid. The result is a suspenseful film noir with real grain and grit.

Starring: Daniel Berkey, Molly Grace Byrnes, Christopher Gillard

Keywords: short film,

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