The Donna Drake Show in Japan! (Promo #3)

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Food and Booze was the name of the game after almost 20 hours of travel on The Donna Drake Show Live It Up #TRavelingWithT_Ruck from Day 1 in #Tokyo #Nagano to day 5 in Myoko at 177 year-old kiminoi sake brewery and that underground traditional bar radar'd by Tim Rerucha with the krew in Tokyo - Donna Drake, Elise Drake, Lou Vaccarelli, Dannieka Cuttino, and producer-director Robin C. Adams.
SPECIAL THANKS to Marketing Director Tomo Yasuda LOTTE ARAI RESORT ロッテアライリゾート for making it all 7 days of fun and possibilities! CBS Pre-Olympic Special drops in 2020!! Get Ready.
Check out: Resort / Sake Brewery / Underground Bar/Film & TV Studio

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