The Donna Drake Show in Japan: Ep.105 - Kiminoi Sake Brewery

15:57 | Entertainment |

SAY IT - Kiminoi. "Kee Me No EE." Sake Brewery. Myoko, Niigata Japan. 177 Years old. Get Ready! With Donna Drake, Tim Rerucha, Tomo Yasuda, Lou Vaccarelli, Elise Drake, Dannieka Cuttino and Robin C. Adams. The Donna Drake Show Live It Up #TRavelingWithT_Ruck on CBS, SBTV and Footprint Network. EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lou Vaccarelli | Donna Drake. PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Robin C. Adams. HAIR & MAKEUP: Elise Drake. PHOTOGRAPHY: Dannieka Cuttino
Lotte Arai Marketing Director: Tomo Yasuda. FOOTPRINT Network is a unit of Endavo Media and Communications and Areu Bros. Studios

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