No Rest For The Weekend: SHOOTING FILM

3:06 | Documentary |

No Rest for the Weekend is a new documentary web series about filmmaking. The series features exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Behind the Rabbit Productions' 16mm short, The Last Hit.

In this episode, the crew of The Last Hit talk about the challenges of shooting a movie with only 11 minutes of 14 year old celluloid.

Behind the Scenes Footage & Interviews
Shot & Directed by Patrick Reis

Music & Show Theme by
Christopher Gillard

Series Created by
Jason Godbey


Starring: Daniel Berkey and Molly Grace Byrnes
Written & Directed by Jason Godbey
Produced by Patrick Reis & Jason Godbey
Associate Producers: Maria Aparo & Rebecca Cremonese
Cinematography by Snyder Derival
Music by Christopher Gillard
Assistant Director: Keith L. Murray
Assistant Camera: Lain Kienzle
Check out MORE great stuff from Producer Jason G. right here: https://behindtherabbitproductions.wordpress.com/

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