Day 5 Summer Edition of Katra Film Series 8/28
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Day 5 Summer Edition of Katra Film Series 8/28

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Day 5 - August 28th:
FEATURE 1 @ 6pm EDT - 6:50pm EDT
 No, Really, It's Fine (48 min) - Narrative - USA | Becca Dobyns
 NRIF explores one woman’s suppression of self, manifested through three
 relationships in her life.

 Feature 1 Filmmaker Talkback on Zoom @ 6:50pm EDT
FEATURE 2 @ 7pm EDT - 8:25pm EDT
 Like Reply Share (1hr 23min) - Narrative - USA | Josh Peterson
 Thrown together by chance amid the estrangements of modern virtual life,
 two outwardly dissimilar women form an unlikely friendship -- until hidden
 wounds emerge to threaten their fragile bond.
 Feature 2 Filmmaker Talkback on Zoom @ 8:25pm EDT
FEATURE 3 @ 8:45pm EDT - 10:30pm EDT
 The Right to Rest (1hr 43min) - Documentary - USA | Sarah Megyesy,
 Guillermo Roqués
 The Right to Rest is a feature-length documentary about Denver's homeless
 rights movement which follows the trajectories of Denver Homeless Out Loud
 and Colorado Village Collaborative towards the construction of Beloved
 Community Village, Denver's first tiny house village for people coming from
 Instagram: @r2rfilm
 Facebook: @TheR2RFilm
 Feature 3 Filmmaker Talkback on Zoom @ 10:30pm EDT
AUGUST 29th — Socially Distant Awards Presentation Ceremony at HiO Tribeca
 More details to follow!

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