Game-Changing Cinema Technology with the Samsung Onyx and What It Means for Movie Fans

05:16 · 2018

For more than 120 years, Hollywood has relied on film projectors to showcase the stories that filmmakers have to tell. And while today's films have no shortage of incredible special effects and graphics, the outdated theater technology can hinder audiences from enjoying films the way they were intended to be enjoyed.

Samsung rose to this challenge with a game changing solution, the Samsung Onyx. Samsung's first Cinema LED screen was first unveiled last year, and it has just made its debut here in the states. I was able to personally experience this technology at CinemaCon this week and simply put, it's like nothing I've ever seen before.

This is my official video review - you can check out my full post on FanBolt!

Starring: Emma Loggins

Category: Entertainment

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