Shine On: Amber Nova Talks the Future of Wrestling

02:47 · 2018

The question was poised by the great philosopher Beyonce " Who Run The World?" and as quickly as it was asked it was answered by said genius Yonce' "GIRLS". So we here at FanBolt sent Brendan Sokler to cover his second WWN event in the form of SHINE Pro Wrestling. Now what is WWN? Is that WWE? NO it is not, the World Wrestling Network is a conglomerate of wrestling federations working together to make the world a better place...for you the wrestling fan! Wait weren't you talking about SHINE? What's that? Is that thing on my forehead in the morning? LIKELY if you are me BUT ALSO it is also the premier all female pro wrestling organization in the country.

Speaking of SHINE, when Brendan went to SHINE 49 at LA BOOM in New York City he caught up with Amber Nova who not only was a captivating interview but let us back into the building when we got locked out. We spoke to the flying dynamo about her goals, her style, and what she is trying to accomplish in SHINE this year.

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