WWN: Basking in the Glory of Keith Lee

04:51 · 2018 Explicit

ADULTish's Brendan Sokler attended WWN&EVOLVE Pro Wrestling present EVOLVE 99 out in Brooklyn. Well what is WWN? Is that the same thing as WWE? Short answer is no. WWN Is the World Wrestling Network a network of independent professional wrestling promotions under one umbrella with EVOLVE being the flagship promotion of that network. While EVOLVE is not WWE they do have a relationship. Over their 99 shows so far you can see many current WWE superstars having graced an EVOLVE ring including: Daniel Bryan, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, and so many more.

While many go on to WWE glory EVOLVE is far from a farm league, it has very much its own style, presentation, and panache.

Speaking of Keith Lee and Chris Dickinson, Brendan caught up with both of these warriors after their battle over the WWN Title in the MAIN EVENT of EVOLVE 99. No one was more candid than The Dirty Daddy and no one covered anime quite like Keith Lee.

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