06:10 · 2013

 In an effort to keep WILLiFEST in an always “ahead of the curve and out of the box” state – we decided to create a rap song and release it as “The WILLiFEST Single” to be followed by a music video featuring an array of creative, talented individuals who, after the video’s release in the summer of 2013, would also appear at the WILLiFEST BIG Saturday 9.21 Event.

The lyrics to “SUBMISSIVE” were written by The WILLiFEST DREAM TEAM - talented rap artists with the gift of lyrical artistry who took what originally started as a project to entice filmmakers and screenwriters to "submit" their work to WILLiFEST 2013, and turned it into a lyrical journey that had absolutely nothing to do with film, music, screenwriting or an event.
Visit WILLiFEST right here: https://www.willifest.com/
And the FUN years below...
2013 - https://www.footprint.tv/media/262981
2014 - https://www.footprint.tv/media/269773
2016 - https://www.footprint.tv/media/295578

Director: Robin C. Adams

Starring: The WILLiFEST Dream Team

Category: Music

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