Fast Life - MOVIE

93 minutes · 2015

In every city, in every high school, every child is challenged to make a choice - walk the straight and narrow path, which can seem like a slow death, or follow the crowded highway of a Fast Life. Through the eyes of Anthony Henderson, a young man battling the repercussions of a drug lifestyle he did not create, we learn about the lives of those at the crossroads of life and death.

Anthony’s friend Sincere, true to his name, is determined to beat the odds that prophesy their future. Asia, a victim of the one man she should have been able to trust, now seeks revenge. Shawn, a devoted disciple of the drug game, worships money and calls work a blasphemy. Tshauna and Tisha are sisters who have watched the tragedy of their mother’s abusive relationship; they are forced to grow up before their time. Junior is a casualty of the foster care system who has filled the emptiness in his heart with his girlfriend, and his body with pills.

Petho and K are death's toxic fumes, deployed by the cruel hands of Stone. Stone controls the streets and those who live by its code, and that code is Stone. The only chance for justice in this city is Detective Thompson, who will stop at nothing to see Stone's empire crumble.

From the genius of Prince Sprauve, comes a tale that has been written by life, produced by the streets and directed by harsh reality. An epic film of survival in these troubled times. Fast Life.

Director: Prince Sprauve


Keywords: Movie, Crime Drama, Murder, Drugs, Drug Dealer, Urban Decay

Category: Drama

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